Journey to the Great Mother 





Journey to the Great Mother is a deep-dive soul awakening and healing experience for purpose-driven women.

Inside you will:

✨ Unlock the energetic blocks in your ancestral lines to create a life of freedom, impact, and joy

✨ Re-align to your motherline gifts so that you can use them for the greatest good of humanity at this time

✨ Learn the most significant tools from inside my Mystery School so that you can manifest with ease

✨ Understand how to trust your intuition so you never have to question yourself again

Get clear on how you can channel the divine feminine energy to heal your biggest block and create what you ACTUALLY want in your life

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Who is Journey to the Great Mother for?

💫 Successful women leaders on a mission


💫 Entrepreneurial women who have a heart for service and impact


💫 Driven women who have tried “all the things” and know that they get to break free from old patterning on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL 


💫 Women who know their worth and that their outside environment gets to match their badass inner self


Hi there, I'm Christina Miglino

My passion is to support spiritual visionary women who have already created A LOT, to drop the masculine hustle, do the deeper work of healing ancestral trauma so they can have a life of major impact with EASE.

I have been working as an Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Guide for the past decade. 

My waking up experience really started when I was 8 years old after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

So the relationship I have to my Spirit Guides has been a long standing one. And guess what? The “malignant tumor”?… hmmmm…. I am still here, and cancer free!

It was only a few years ago that I was completely burnt out, exhausted and sick, crying at my kitchen table about the fact that I had 5 jobs and I still wasn’t making money or having nearly the impact I knew I was meant to have.

What I know now is how to trust my process. And go to the root of the pattern.

Here are some of my credentials since 2009:

  • Over a decade as a shamanic guide and energy intuitive 

  • Trained in Hypnotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, Advanced Energy Medicine, Advanced Shamanism, Insight Meditation, Attachment Theory, Family Constellation Work

  • Created sacred success in the last 5 years, that means, not just money and people know who I am, but how to work stress-free, have the best relationships of my life, and see massive results in my clients lives

  • Degree in Performance and 10 years of public speaking 

  • 16 years of Personal Development & Transformation - I have mentored and supported the healing of thousands of successful women


Here's a sneak peek at the sessions ...

Session 1

Understanding the truth about your spiritual awakening and how the heart is the portal into the quantum field
(where anything can shift)

Session 2

Work with nature and the 1st Universal Law of Energy to transform what you believe is possible

Session 3

We dive into the patterns that were woven from grandmother, to mother, to you. And work with the energetic relationships between you.

Session 4

You intuit 1000 things a second!! Yep, we are going to hone your intuition and power through exciting exercise that are life changing.

Session 5

Healing the negative patterns that you carry comes from deep trust in your own wisdom. Let’s crack that open together and acknowledge that you are the healer you have been waiting for!

Session 6

This longer session is where the miracles happen. We work with the quantum field and your family system to unlock the flow to love (which = ease, joy, and freedom in your life)

Session 7

It all comes down to integration of energy and celebrating what you have accomplished. You leave the program feeling like there is more than enough… time, money, energy, for all.

These are some of the amazing women who have healed their maternal lines:

Melissa Testimonial

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