Arise + Awaken

Working with the Dark Goddess in Preparation for 2023

December 2 + 3, 2022
10am - 4pm Pacific
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This is the 3rd annual Arise and Awaken. Every year brings something different, unique and very exciting.


This year, 15 speakers will join Christina Miglino for this FREE, two-day virtual experience to explore Working with The Dark Goddess in preparation for 2023, the year of Divine Feminine Liberation. 


We will hold this circle as a ceremony space, a connection space, and a healing & grieving space for all women and non-binary folks on a mission to take back our power and own our freedomThere will be ritual, spiritual activism, experiential learning and healing collectively and individually.

Get Ready To:


Connect to archetypes of the dark goddess so that you can activate your voice and power


Return to your intuitive genius so you can trust yourself more fully.


Build community with other like-hearted women on a mission so you are energized to work toward liberation for all beings.

Let's do this:

Join Christina Miglino and 15 amazing guest speakers for this FREE event that will support you in creating a year of power and transformation, inspired by The Dark Goddess.


I’ve dedicated my life to serving women in reclaiming all parts of themselves to feel powerful and free, so that they get to show up for what their soul has called them to Earth to be and do. 

I believe that by going to the root of any issue— which often means visiting our ancestral trauma— we can heal and use that same energy as fuel for the fire that burns in our hearts and ignites what we are creating for our beloved future. All recycles back to Love.

For the past decade, I have led circles of women using my training in Hypnotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, Advanced Energy Medicine, Advanced Shamanism, Insight Meditation, Attachment Theory, and Family Constellation Work.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Christena Cleveland

Melanie Weller

Paula Ucelo

Beth Osmer


Aletheia Sophia

Lotus Sky

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Ceryn Rowntree

Deborah Epstein

Rose Metcalf

Anekia Nicole

Dr. Faryal

Gabriella Mazure

DECEMBER 2 + 3, 2022

Arise + Awaken

Take in the teachings of the Dark Goddess. 

Participate in ritual and ceremony for our collective healing.

 Stand for the freedom and liberation of all women as one body, one heart, one mind, one spirit.